"Heart-Smart Art Contest"

Initiative encouraged America's youth to
artistically depict
children making healthy lifestyle choices

1) Erika Caturay, Age 13

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Judge's Comments: "Erika's beautifully illustrated drawing depicts a boy at a snack bar contemplating whether he should choose junk food or healthy fare, ultimately making the wise choice. Not only did she clearly portray this concept in the picture, but took the time to provide an explanation about her drawing that included her comment 'I think this is what everyone should be eating for snack, etc. instead of junk food…'. We could not agree more, Erika. Well done."

2) Erin Catherine Macke, Age 11

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Judge's Comments: "Erin's drawing used the theme 'Balance Your Life' to portray that living healthfully requires a well rounded approach of both nutrition and fitness. Not only is Erin right on with the notion that both diet and exercise are imperative to one's health and well-being, but also that, with these good behaviors in place, one's 'whole life' will benefit. We applaud this insightful 11-year old."

3) Patrick Schornstaedt, Age 8

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Judge's Comments: "Patrick's adorable pen and ink picture he entitled 'Make the Healthy Choice' not only illustrated a variety of healthy foods, but also captioned each one with the actual health benefits provided. For kids to make good dietary choices on their own volition, they must understand exactly how these choices will positively impact their body, which Patrick clearly does. Kudos to him."

4) Juliana Bigelow, Age 5

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Judge's Comments: "Juliana's lovely depiction of a child choosing to jump rope instead of watching TV, for which she used both water color and crayon, was the deciding factor. Even this 5-year old knows that kids' health would fare far better by being active rather than watching TV. Right you are, Juliana!"

Congratulations to the scores of children who participated in this all-important initiative, which got them "thinking health" at the onset of the New Year.