"I recently had the opportunity to read Making Healthy Choices, by Merilee A. Kern, to my second-graders. This truly is "a story to inspire fit, weight-wise kids!" It was very motivating for my students to hear the story of Matt, the character in the story who learns how to make better, healthier eating and exercise choices. As my students learned about Matt's struggle to resist junk food, his social difficulties that he endured because of his weight, and his motivation to start exercising, they began sharing stories with me about their own healthy and not-so-healthy choices. Many of my students actually started monitoring their snacks, and would ask their parents to please pack a healthy lunch. I also saw an increase in the number of students who exercised during their recess. As we cheered Matt on in his efforts, we saw a difference in our own classroom! I would not hesitate to recommend this book as a way to kick-start or supplement an in-class nutrition and health unit."

- Kim Cruise, 2nd Grade Teacher
Creekside Elementary School
San Diego, CA