Parent Testimonials Are Proof Positive

"Although my children are not overweight, reading this important and timely book with them opened the door for me to engage them in thoughtful discussion about personal lifestyle choices that definitely had room for improvement. My 6 and 8-year old kids now realize that they have quite a bit of control over their own health, and that good choices lead to good results in many areas of their life. They also now put much more thought into selecting their snack options and, although they do occasionally want the sugary stuff, it's with less frequency, and they've actually started asking health related questions about the food they are being served at home. This publication has proven to be a sorely needed catalyst for my family to discuss this all-important topic in a gentle and effective manner, and consider it a 'must read' for families whether or not a weight problem exists."
- R. Delue, San Diego, CA

"The work you're trying to accomplish with this [book] is important...believe me, I was a little fat kid and a resource like this would have been a good thing."
- J.D., Honesdale, PA

"Thank you so much for sponsoring this [Heart Smart Art] contest. Erin was so excited to win. She has been overweight since she was a toddler and it is a struggle for her in so many ways. We have educated her on proper nutrition and exercise but when none of your friends appear to need to do the same thing it can be a daunting task...Society makes it really hard for children to make good choices. I am so glad that companies like yours and the others that sponsored this contest have taken an interest in helping educate, improve and inspire the community to open up their eyes to obesity in children and introduce fun and positive ways to conquer the problem. My daughter feels proud and motivated to be the best she can be and exposing her to positive influences in the community like your contest was a welcome change."
- A. Macke, Indianapolis, IN

"I'm a Mom of three boys. Two teens (age 14 and 16) and 24. My husband and I have always tried to impact our children's lives by example -- exercising, eating healthy -- etc. Its not easy - especially when they go to school and nothing but usually very processed, sugar laden and fatty foods are offered...With heart disease, diabetes, stroke and all the other diseases that seem to be at epidemic proportion in this country...There are too many overweight kids that are turning into overweight adults -- who utimately will die prematurely..."

S. Messina, New Jersey